Uċuħ tar-raba’

Malta and Gozo’s agricultural landscape is characterised by small-scale farms. With land being difficult to acquire or subdivided into awkwardly small plots over several generations, our islands’ farms are uniquely small. Despite their size, these farms are vital to keeping the island’s rural landscape lush, green and well preserved. Farmers also produce an abundance of diverse and healthy fruit and vegetables that are picked fresh throughout the seasons, providing us with nutritious food. Despite their essential work, farmers experience several challenges and are not always supported, especially by important policies that are shaping the food and farming landscape.

Through this exhibition, organised by Friends of the Earth Malta, we want to tell the story of ten Maltese farmers, who have been chosen for their environmentally-friendly farming practices, and reveal some of the faces behind Maltese produce. We invite you to learn about Malta’s farmers and embark on an exploration of their genuine passion for agriculture, which, in the face of several struggles, serves as the fuel that keeps them going.

Organised by Friends of the Earth Malta
Photography by Darrin Zammit Lupi

Exhibition Curation & Management by Samira Damato
Exhibition Designer Tom Van Malderen
Writer & Interviewer Maria Eileen Fsadni
Structural Build Keit Bonnici
Book & Exhibition Graphic Designer Nadine Rotem-Stibbe